This website is a to show work in progress, finished mixes and collaborations by Tom Cook. I am a composer, musician and tutor living in Brighton UK, who writes music for tv, film, contemporary dance, theatre, and installations.
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Friday, 8 June 2012

Triptych-Feral Theatre show soundtrack

These are sketches and pieces that i made for a theatre show 'Triptych'.
It was performed in a church in the Brighton festival. I had 3 pieces which had beds on ableton live and i played cello, clarinet, spanish guitar, melodica and sang live for the shows.
I was originally contacted with brief ideas of the shows, i then made some exploration pieces to show moods and instrumentation.
After i had received the scripts i then created full scores for each piece, we then had a week to rehearse/devise the show, in that week we cut away from the full score and the middle piece papusza ended up being totally live with a completely different ending played just on cello.

I spent 1 day doing the original sketch ideas, then 3 1/2 days writing the underscores.

Friday, 23 December 2011


Heres a new selection of tunes written for a countryfile/handmade cottage industry style vibe. Had some fun on the banjo and i enjoyed playing some good old acoustic guitar tunes.
Been given an old accordian, just gotta get it fixed now....so theres alot of sampled accordian in there......a few tunes were original more challenging but i have learnt that i have to be calm and just play a few notes....not hundreds....

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Wrapped in Colour

Wrapped in Colour-first mix by tomcook

spent last week commuting to london to create this piece for a kids show 'Wrapped in Colour'. The show was devised/directed/created by Becci Kenning from work she has done over the last few years exploring colour and emotion with young children and young people. I had know idea what it was going to be, so arrived in london with a suitcase full of odd instruments and a laptop, we spent the first 2 days building a giant tentlike space in the unicorn theatre, then i spent 4 hours writing the soundtrack, and then we had a day and a half to build the show, trimming things, adding more sounds and words etc, the soundtrack had live vocal improvisations by the wondefully unrestrained Marika Rauscher, was performed by Becci Kenning and the profoundly funny Paul Engers and was lit by an extremely clever and comic Louise Mothersole. It was a week to never forget and it was nice not to be the only person who talks before thinking, none of us have an inner censor and its amazing we made akids show atall, as we had alot of fun. I must also thank my commuting trainer Katie Windsor who took the full brunt of my reaction to the quiet and unchirpy world of commuting, i think she will be so relieved next week when i do not get on her train. I will post some photos soon of the show.

I built the piece in ableton using about 40 audio tracks and over 100 scenes in the clipview, we could then jam the show until it felt right and then i recorded the piece as a set time line, it was amazing to be so flexible, i think ableton is amazing for that, i would love to build the piece so that the children could trigger the chances in ableton so they could explore and direct the show as they wished. TC


Remember by tomcook

Ah some kind of angularish guitar blipvurst music, the drums are so finger played its scary, but i kinda like the insistant guitar riffing and the chorus like part i really would like to pogo about to, maybe some kind of 'fall' style vox would be interesting!! but this is my morning mind state, thats why i only have 2 coffees a day!!

take me home again

Get me home by tomcook

a little country vibe, after the christmas exploration i have been stuck in 'big harmony world' next to furniture village opposite little dissonance corridor, gets a bit too repetitive, but its a fine line between simple and stupid, and i only use crayons!!

You gotta get it

you gotta get it by tomcook

had a phone call the other week saying, desperate housewives are interested in this tune, can you do us a mix without vox for a frat party scene, wasnt expecting that, so hopefully they'll use it.....i'm such a frat party guy.....

Bean Salad

Bean salad by tomcook

Heres a light fluffy little tune, will be out on a liftmusic 1 minute wonder compilation soon, don't often do light or simple but it was a fun few minutes,the accordian is all terribly sampled, true folkies do not listen as it will upset you sensitive tradidtional minds, the chorus tune gets a bit 'super mario sunshine' sometimes my mind gets a bit super mario sunshine too!!! tc over and out